Fertility Tea

Fertility tea is a natural way to boost the reproductive system of both male and female, it consist of various herbs that have been scientifically proven to be effective in increasing fertility rates. A review of various fertility tea products will help to shed light on why it is becoming one of the most sought after avenues for realizing pregnancy.

Green tea

Green tea contains flavanoids and other nutrients that have shown to provide many health benefits. In a study done by Stanford University in 2004, a nutrition supplement known as Fertility blend present in Green tea was investigated. It was tried on 30 women aged between 24 – 46 years who had tried to achieve pregnancy but were not successful, 1/3 of the women using the supplement reported positive results as a result of using the supplement. The research recommended that Fertilityblend enhances pregnancy, the research, however, did not comment on the results if green tea is used in isolation.

Fertile xx

This is a herbal tonic that is known to promote the female reproductive health. It blended by green tea and other herbs. It has he following ingredients:

• Chaste berry
This shrub has origin in Europe. It is rich in the following:
(1) Progesterone
(2) Testosterone
(3) Glycosides
(4) Flavonides
For centuries, it has found use an aphrodisiac. Historically, it has found its way in ton convents where nuns have used it for the purpose of maintaining a regular cycle and hormonal health.

• Black cohosh
It has it roots from the Native Americans; they used it to enhance the female reproductive health. Although, it is widely used there is no concrete evidence to prove that it acts as a booster for fertility. However, it is a remedy for treating menopause symptoms and painful menstrual periods.

• Siberian Ginseng
Studies have shown that it improves blood flow and enhances a regular monthly cycle.

In making fertilexx, the above are combined with green tea to come up with a fertility remedy. Although, concrete evidence lacks in supporting the claim that it enhances fertility, the ingredients present it can help in a away to facilitated pregnancy.


This is a natural and health tea engineered to support the entire reproductive system and aid in conception. FertiliTea is composed of scientifically –proven herbal ingredients that give a boost to the female reproductive cycle. It has the following components as it main ingredients:

• Red Raspberry leaf- when used with peppermint, it has the following functions:
(1) Tones the uterus and the muscles of the pelvic region
(2) Greatly promotes fertility
(3) Highly nutritious

• Green tea; it has the following attributes:
(1) Repairs oxidative wear and tear as a result of environmental effects and aging
(2) Double the chances of conception

• Peppermint leaf; ingredients are all organic.

• Nettle leaf; it is rich in a wide array of vitamins and minerals that are key in enhancing a vibrant reproductive health. Some of the vitamins’ that are present include: vitamins C, D, K, A. Minerals present are: potassium, Calcium, phosphorous, Iron, and sulfur.

• Ladies mantle; is tonic that has been known to regulate a woman monthly cycle, it is also known to provide a tonic on the cervix.

It is important to note that not all fertility tea provides the desired effect. Some can be detrimental to your health and should be avoided or the amount of consumption be kept at a minimum an example of such tea is the Hibiscus tea; research on the tea done t the Guru Jambheshwar University of science and technology in India has shown that the estrogenic properties of hibiscus tea may interfere with healthy reproductive functions and has an effect on child bearing and fertility. A study carried out by Maureen Williams ND, of Bastry center for Natural health in Seattle, Washington. She established that the tea lowers blood pressure and has diuretic properties and mildly has an effect on the dilation of blood vessels.

Green tea when consumed in large proportions has been linked to fertility problems and miscarriage this is because it has large quantities of caffeine and tannic acid.

Manufactures of fertility tea offer different brands and tastes of fertility tea, before making a decision to use them it recommended to seek wise counsel of a medical doctor so as to prevent any complication that might arise as a result of using them.

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